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Have you ever imagined that getting an injection could be a painless procedure? Providing your patients a solid reason to return and bring their friends? The VibraJect is an attachment that decreases the fear and pain traditionally associated with injections. If you need a dental anesthetic injection, the VibraJect makes the experience easier for the patient and brings more business for the dentist. The VibraJect by Vibra Dental Instruments is a vibrating dental local anesthesia attachment. VibraJect is based on the concept of gate-control theory from use in clinical practice. The VibraJect vibrates the syringe's needle and in turn reduces the amount of pain felt at the the injection site.


No Facial Numbness from Injections Most patients dislike the lingering numbness from injections. VibraJect® gives you a low cost solution to giving injections without facial numbness. Here’s the Buccal Furca PDL technique by Dr. Howard Glazer, Fort Lee, New Jersey.
  • Attach the VibraJect® to the barrel of an intraligamental syringe such as N-Tralig from Miltex® or its equivalent.
  • Use Articaine, such as Septocaine 4% w/ epinephrine 1:100,000 Use 30 gauge extra short needle.
  • Turn on the VibraJect® and approach the buccal sulcus of the tooth and slowly drip the anesthetic into the sulcus.
  • Continue to slowly advance and drip the anesthetic fluid until resistance of the periodontal ligament is felt.
  • Continuing in a slow fluid movement penetrate the ligament and place a few more drops of anesthetic.
  • The same procedure is repeated for the lingual of the tooth always maintaining a slow drip and forward progression.
  • Turn off the VibraJect® and recap the needle.

If it is necessary, this procedure may be repeated at the mesio-buccal, disto-buccal, mesio-lingual and disto-lingual of the tooth.

Anesthesia is rapid and profound and will generally last 40-60 minutes, usually with less than 1⁄2 carpule of anesthesia.

Advantages of the Buccal Furca PDL Injection

Procedure is not painful
No possibility of injecting directly into an artery
No possibility of a direct hit on a nerve
No possibility of paresthesia
Immediate anesthesia as opposed to up to 15
minutes for a block
Patient’s tongue, lip and cheek do not get numb
Permits bi-lateral treatments in a single visit
Requires less anesthetic
Fewer failures requiring additional injections