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Many people fear to get a dental injection. They never tell their dentist about their concern and accept the discomfort as part of the procedure. Some people even fear this injection so intensely that they will not go to the dentist until it is absolutely necessary.

Most dentists believe that the injection is a minor procedure, and the pain is mild and temporary. They think that a topical anesthetic and shaking the cheek while injecting reduces the pain, which it does to a certain extent.

Shaking the cheek is a well-known application of the Gate Control Theory of pain management. When the nerves sense a signal of heat, pressure or vibration, the pain signal to the brain is blocked... The pain is there but the brain never knows it. Shaking the cheek is a crude application of
the Theory.

A more effective application of the Gate Control Theory is to vibrate the injection needle using the Vibraject, a small device that attaches to the injection syringe. The Vibraject sends a vibration of 10,000 cycles per minute through the needle, saturating the nerves with vibration signals to the brain, effectively blocking the pain signal so that the patient does not feel pain. With this product, a topical anesthetic is not even required but can be used if the patient wants maximum pain control.

If you or your children are apprehensive about the injection, tell your dentist about this product and have him go to our website at for more information. It is especially important to use the Vibraject R3 for all child injections since it is during childhood dental visits when most people first experience the pain and develop a lifetime fear of the dental injection. There is no longer need to fear the pain of the dental injection with the advent of the Vibraject R3.

Fear of Dental Injections

A large portion of the population is very apprehensive and some are fearful of the dental injection. We know that most injections are not extremely painful nor does the pain last long due to the anesthetic taking effect, but a lot of the patients continue to fear this part of the dental procedure the most and are highly relieved after it is completed.

This all starts from the first injections they receive as a child when their sensitivity to pain is at its highest. This pain can be eliminated by using the vibrations from the VibraJect R3 on the syringe to effectively utilize the Gate Control Theory of pain management. Prior to the injection, simply inform them that they may feel some vibration but will feel no pain. You may let them feel the vibration on their hand with just the vibrating motor.

This procedure will eliminate the fear of the injection for the rest of the patient’s life and reward the dentist by continuing to be a faithful patient.

The University of Texas Pediatric Department did a study that found that the VibraJect was very effective on patients above the age of 5 and that those under 5 were not affected by the injection. We highly recommend that the VibraJect R3 be used on all children over the age of 5 to prevent the lifelong fear of the dental injection