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VibraJect Testimonial
Dr. Glazer
VibraJect Testimonial
Dr. Feder

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Dr. Lincoln Parker
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Dr. Marcia Grossman

VibraJect Testimonial
Dr. Glazer Single Tooth Extraction

Dr. Don Haines
"Му practice received ten new patients in two weeks from word of mouth about the Vibraject. It's definitely a practice increaser."

Dr. Don McNamara—
“In my practice, we use lasers, magnification, intraoral cameras, digital x-rays -- all of the high-tech goodies. However, the Vibraject provides the best bang-for-the-buck in terms of doctor and patient satisfaction. (I suppose the best endorsement I can offer is just to say that I hate hurting people. For over two decades, I've given the most painless injections I could possibly give, utilizing the most potent topical anesthetics I could find. Despite my best efforts, patients still winced, moaned, groaned and arched their backs when I'd give them shots.) Since using the Vibraject, I no longer need any topical anesthetic and no longer see the grimaces, hear the moans or see the arched backs. (Most responses are along the lines of, "What was that? What was that vibration? Is that new? I didn't feel the shot!) The Vibraject has me to relax more during one of the most stressful parts of my job. I'd hate to practice without my VibraJect”

Dr. Robert Meckstroth—
"I have found using the Vibraject as part of my local anesthetic-delivery technique for apprehensive patients, including children, to be very helpful." "It's always rewarding to have the patient say, 'That didn't hurt a bit, Doc" | tell the kids that I will use the "buzzer" to help me put their teeth to sleep. I let them feel the vibration before I put it on the syringe and that seems to put them at ease." "The Vibraject is very easy to use and l highly recommend it."

Dr. Howard Glazer—
"I wouldn't practice without the Vibraject R3. It truly makes for a painless injection. The only thing the patients feel is the vibration and a buzzing sensation. It actually allows for me to administer anesthesia without the patient experiencing any discomfort whatsoever. It has truly revolutionized the administration of anesthetic."

Dr. lan Shuman—
"Using the gating mechanism to inhibit pain receptors, the Vibraject is an indispensable tool in my practice. By hyper stimulating touch and sensory receptors using gentle vibration, local anesthetic can be introduced into any site (even tough palatal tissue) with little to no pain at all. This one's a winner!"

Dr. Fred Quarmstrom—
“I did a research project comparing it to a high tech computer injection device, and we found that the Vibra.Ject was equal to the $1000 computer injector. I've used it on all my patients for the last few years and it is a definite aid in giving pain free injections. I hear from my patients, "Wow, that was a great injection!" I feel it's better than topical anesthesia.”

Dr. Scott Perkins—
"I think the Vibraject is, without a doubt, one of the most important innovations in a long time in sparing our patients the anxiety and pain associated with needle sticks. It obviates the need for topical anesthesia. Doctors think it is a gimmick. It is not a gimmick. I have given shots to hundreds of doctors in workshops and lectures and it's one of my favorite products to demo. Not a single doctor felt any pain. won't administer an injection to a patient unless it's with the Vibraject. You don't need to use topical anesthesia. It is vastly superior to topical anesthesia. Topical anesthesia is a gimmick because it does not penetrate deep enough to eliminate needle stick pain. The Vibra.Ject eliminates all pain"