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VibraComp (VJVC)
Vibrating Composite Attachment to VibraJect R3

This is a revolutionary product that requires the purchase of a VibraJect R3 and Battery Charger if you do not have one. Your patients will also love it for the pain-free and more comfortable injections.

The vibrating attachment comes with its own tips and makes the composite flow better eliminating the need for a flowable composite to be used first, permits the composite to flow better into all the openings inside the tooth, eliminates the possibility of tool “pull back”, and leaves a shiny surface making final polishing much faster. It revolutionizes the idea of doing composite veneers easily and quickly where the patient cannot afford the more costly lab produced veneers.

This vibrating composite concept was proven many years ago by 3 dentists at the University of South Carolina and patented. This patent was licensed to Brasseler and the ET3000 was designed and produced by VibraJect LLC for Brasseler. The ET3000 worked well and was approved by CRA but the Brasseler independent representatives would not take the time to sell it so it was dropped from their line. The patent has since expired.

The VibraComp Attachment is made in 2 parts so there is no external vibration and there is a patent pending on this design. The VibraComp is fully autoclaveable and has no parts to wear out so it should last a lifetime.

Risk free with a 30 day money back guaranty, give this revolutionary attachment a try to improve your Comp procedures.