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VibraEndo (VJVE)
Vibrating Endodontic Attachment to VibraJect R3

This is a revolutionary product that requires the purchase of a VibraJect R3 and Battery Charger if you do not have one. Your patients will also love it for the pain-free and more comfortable injections.

The vibrating attachment accepts all standard hand files and will improve the visibility in finding the root canal in molars even permitting the use of a microscope, removing the dentin better, eliminating the need for the rubber dam (the files cannot fall out as they are spring loaded), better removal of the “smear layer of tissue” that is possible when using rotary instruments, and making sure the sealant gets completely to the bottom of the canal.

This product is similar to the Dentsply EndoActivator but has a lot more functions and is lower priced.

The VibraEndo Attachment is made in 2 parts so there is no external vibration and there is a patent pending on this design. The VibraEndo Attachment is fully autoclaveable and has no parts that will wear out so it should last a lifetime.

Give this revolutionary attachment a try to improve your Endo composites. Risk-free with a 30-day money back guaranty.